July Match Results


We had a great match Saturday. The weather was great and we got to try out Cerveza Grande with the new roof installed. We had 39 shooters. Kickshot, Kit Carson, Wildcat Bob, Cowboy Small and Dutch Van Horn, were the top five overall. Marshall John Henry came in first in the 49’er category, Wildcat Bob took Silver Senior, and Kickshot took Senior.

More than seven late arrivals after 8:45 caused Posse 3 to start late. Last minute changes to posse organization make it hard to balance the posses and get the data into ACES, especially when we had to divide two posses into three posses. So try to be there before 8:30 so that we can get the posses organized. A slow posse can affect the rest of the match.
We had hot dogs brought by Jim No Horse and Dragon Hill Dave. I think Mustang Sadie brought some macaroni salad, which I heard was unusually good. (Slow posses don’t get fed as well). I think they were cooked by Dragon Hill, but I was in the slowest posse so I did not see the festivities. The cooks were kind enough to save some hot dogs for our posse, however. It was fun hanging around after the match and talking and drinking adult beverages in the new Cerveza Grande Saloon. It seems to be cooler there than in the Registration Building, so we have been collecting there.
Thanks to everyone that helped put on the match. Can’t wait for the August match. Get out your Hawaiian shirts for the match on the third week of August.
Farr Ranger

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Cerveza Grande Saloon

Great Work Day in Thursday! We had twelve people show up for our work day and got a lot done.

Jim No Horse and El Sabre worked on putting in some angled cuts and panels on the metal roof. Tedious work, but they got it done. Our roof is done! It is shady and cool on the deck and at the firing line.

River Ben and Snake Eye Stace did a great job of putting in deck rails on the front of the Saloon. They look great. Good job, Cabs!

Rogue Heeler and El Zopilote worked on the flashing and installed 90 feet of it. Marshall John Henry, Sole Proprietor and Bryan worked on the second floor siding They got most of it installed. They also started putting in the top plate.

Lady B Bruce and Mustang Sadie did a lot of painting. Jim No Horse and Snake Eye pitched in and did the second floor painting on ladders.

River Ben, Snake Eye, and Rogue also started doing trim work on the front wall. They did as much as they could before we ran out of the right kind of lumber.

Everybody helped everyone else at various times.

We knocked off at noon, and sat down for drinks, lunch, and a beer on the new Saloon. There is a nice breeze along the creek and we really enjoyed the shade afforded by our new roof.

Farr Ranger
Glenn Jordan
(512) 657 2491

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