Rain Scrubs 5/30/15 CAS Introduction & Shoot

Good Afternoon Cowboy Shooters,

Dragon Hill Dave joked a couple of weeks ago that the Cabs should have a shoot Saturday May 30 unless we experienced “rain of Biblical proportions”. His off-hand comment has become reality for Central Texas. According to the US Weather service rainfall across the area set new records as the rainiest month of May in the history of meteorological records keeping. The Cab’s Flat Creek Range did not escape the downfalls. The creek through the range rose out of its banks and carried some of the steel targets and tables into the creek and left a fair amount of debris entangled in other targets. The creek is still running swiftly with more rain forecast between now and Saturday morning. The good news is that none of the building structures were damaged and damage to roads and foot paths is minimal. But, everything is soggy, soppy wet and will remain so for many days. In the interest of safety and convenience the range will remain closed until it dries out and the damage can be repaired. We will prepare for the June shoot and reschedule the New Shooters Introduction to CAS as soon as possible.

Judge Menday Coming
(aka: Thomas Pollock, SASS Life 65165)
el Presidente’ Tejas Caballeros