April Match Results

We had a great time Saturday. The ranch asked us to delay the start time to 1:00 pm, but that didn’t stop us. The weather was perfect and we had 35 shooters in three posses.

Kickshot, Skin Dawg, and Dragon Hill Dave took the first three spots. Six Going South was in the top Ten.

We had lots of new volunteers to help put on the match. Sole Proprietor, Madame V, Kickshot, and Six Going South all helped out with registration. Doc Crumley, El Zopilote, Dragon Hill Dave, Bolo Bob, and Lady B Bruce worked hard (as usual) to make the match happen. Thanks for a great day, Caballeros!

Sole Proprietor has agreed to be our new Treasurer, if we elect him next month,and his wife, Madame V has agreed to be our Medical Officer, They will replace El Zopilote and Alamo Bill. Kickshot has agreed to be our Assistant Treasurer, replacing Sendero Slim. Thanks El Zopilote, Alamo Bill, and Sendero Slim for all the help putting on these matches for the Caballeros in the last several years.

I can’t speak for the other posses, but Dutch Van Horn did a great job as our R/O. Thanks, Dutch. English Bob, who started shooting only a few months ago, relieved Dutch as RO. English Bob had just completed his RO 1 and RO 2 courses last week and jumped right in to help run the posse. Several of us, myself included, tested his new skills, and he passed with flying colors.

We also had two clean shooters this month: English Bob and El Sabre.

Great job, Caballeros!

April 2014 Detailed Match Results by Rank
April 2014 Detailed Match Results by Category and Rank

March Match Results

March 2014 Detailed Match Results by Rank

March 2014 Detailed Match Results By Category and Rank