Special Work Day July 9

Howdy Caballeros!

We’ve a Special Work Day scheduled for Thursday, July 9 and everyone is invited.

I’m confident that everyone is fully aware of the unusually wet months of May and June that established new Central Texas rainfall records in the official weather books. The creek through the Cab’s shooting range was out of its banks at times and the range took a bit of damage.

The fabulous work crews led by Sole Proprietor have repaired most of the damage to infrastructure and even found most of the targets that were washed into the creek. But, there’s still some things needed to get the range ready for the July shoot. Speaking of which, the July 2015 Shoot is the seventh anniversary of the opening of the Black Diamond Silver Mine in July 2009!

We’ll have a Bobcat on hand to do the heavy lifting and make short work of road and trail repairs and we’ll have plenty of refreshments on hand to keep our work crews energized as they spruce up the range.
So, mark your calendars for a Special Work Day on Thursday, July 9.

Judge Menday Coming
(aka: Thomas Pollock, SASS Life)
el Presidente’ Tejas Caballeros

Winchester AA Shotshell Rebate

Winchester is offering a $2.00 per box rebate on AA shotshells purchased from May 14 through August 31, 2015. (10 box minimum purchase required) The rebate honors the 50th anniversary of the AA shells.