September 2015 Photos

You can see them here: Cabs September 2015

September 2015 Results

Nice shootin by Bolo Bob who was the only one to shoot a clean round with no misses and no procedurals


“Whoopin’ 2015″

After much discussion and consideration we’ve decided there will be no Whoopin’ Event this year.

It was not an easy decision and not one that we particularly care for. But, in the end the expense in labor and money to prepare for a Whoopin’ that stands the chance of being canceled in the face of long range forecasts for heavy rain and the date conflict of SASS Southwest Regional and other events led us to the decision.

The club has been especially stung by weather in 2015 and planing a major event in the face of the NOAA forecasts for a fall season of heavy rain seemed imprudent.

The Tejas Caballeros will hold a regular shoot in October (with perhaps a special stage thrown in for fun) with October 31 held open in the event of rain.

Judge Menday Coming
aka: Thomas Pollock, SASS Life
el Presidente’ Tejas Caballeros

August Results Posted

Seems we befuddled our finest shooters with our Paniolo/VJ Day Stages.  I guess those Zeros were just too difficult to bring down.  We had no shooters with no misses and no procedurals.

Check Match Results to see August Scores

Better luck next time shooters!

July Results Posted

Kudos to Dragon Hill Dave, Kickshot, Shooting Iron Miller, and Wildcat Bob for shooting clean matches with no misses and no procedurals! That’s some mighty fine shootin.

For details of all shooters, see Match Results.